Be aware of the benefits of inner driver at transactional analysis

As children, we learn to adjust to our environment by recognizing what is desired and disliked by adults around us. To develop a sense of belonging, we then attempt to conform to what the adults desire. Additionally, some of the messages would have been transmitted verbally and some would have been transmitted non-verbally.

Research has proven that self-awareness increases self-esteem, improves relationships, manages stress, and improves quality of life. It is a simple concept that is easy to understand and utilize Transaktionsanalyse. It gives us insight into the drivers of ourselves and others. The benefits of drivers can be found in many areas of our daily lives.

 Please others

It is someone who enjoys being with others and tries to please without being asked. They are empathic, understanding, and use their intuition to figure out what other people are feeling. They observe body language and signals and work to bring harmony to teams and groups.


 Be perfect

 The work must be accurate and reliable, pay attention to detail, have good layout skills, and be well organized. Plans ahead with contingency plans and monitors the progress of each project. Cares about how things look.

 Try hard

Person with this type of Innere Antreiber. Takes on new tasks with curiosity. Energy peaks with something new. Other value motivation and the ability to get things done. Popular. Volunteers for new tasks. Researches all options. Understands the implications of everything.

 Be strong

Feels energised when faced with challenges. Reacts logically in a crisis. Stays emotionally detached, solves problems, and then handles stressful situations calmly.

Hurry up

Working quickly and getting a lot done in a short period of time. Works well under pressure and peaks under it.