The Best Practices Need to Follow by the New Discord Server Member

Discord crypto servers help the members to discuss and share their views and thoughts on the crypto/blockchain projects. Anyone can start the servers and join in that to be active. To start the discord server the crypto discord guide will help on what to do and how to do it.

Joining a discord server will be easy creating the required login credential can make it possible. During the joining, the members are usually overwhelmed by the notification as soon as possible. Bots are playing a crucial role and frequently the bot accounts will welcome the new joiner. These artificial intelligence-based bots will act on certain orders like welcoming the newcomers and issuing messages.  The new joiners should care on the activate and deactivating certain features in that to be away from the scammers. It is better to visit the settings and disable the private message option. After earning some experience one may start focusing on private messaging. So that can be safe from the spammers who are contacting the concern. Fine, how do we do this?

Crypto Discord Server

First, visit the server and click on the left side to disable the features named direct messages from the users. Then, need to visit the privacy settings, which one can reach by clicking the triangle facing downward adjacent to the server name. Select the features that allow the direct messages which are placed on the left side then that will become in the grey color. Finally clock the option called done. These steps can be followed in any kind of server to deactivate the direct messages.