The brilliant and the most powerful tool to create impressive songs

The main hit of any music is its baking tracks. Whether the person is a stage performer or a singer, carrying the specialized form of tune studio, professional backing tracks will be required to make the music to be more noteworthy. karaoke backing tracks produce the perfect background tune that would suit the voice of the singer. It also has sessions of files of all kind of instruments which is based on the original songs that will be selected by the singer.


The use of this kind of backing track will help to download the link that is available for the user and it is not meant for sale to any person.

guitar backing tracks

There will be a separate session of files for an individual instrument according to the original songs that are selected by the user. This can be sent to the user via weTransfer or with an option of other cloud-based sharing tools.

The use of this kind of backing track will be useful to generate high-quality WAV or FLAC files which seem to be perfect to be played using large speakers and help to have the best stage performances.

There is also the provision of a professional form of video karaoke which is of the varied type that is worth 100 USD along with the pictures of the user’s choice or even with an option of animation which is completely cost-free to avail this kind of service.

The tracks are built with the help of audio recording as well as an instrumental that can be accompanied by the singers when they do the live performance.