What to see in Belgium

Europe, the old world, has a very ancient history full of legends, magic and struggle. The European countries that we know today are the result of all of the above, those countries are a huge source of the wonderful historic and cultural knowledge for the whole world.


European countries are a perfect destination for all who want to travel and live an amazing adventure immerse in an atmosphere of romanticism and the ancient days. The religious places, the castles, the historic locations all of that combined with the modernity and technological features of our days makes this continent something worth to be seen.




Belgium, officially the Kingdom of Belgium is in the Western Europe, is bordered by France, The Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. This lovely small country is populated by a vast amount of people and by result it has a very rich culture and an ancient history, their Chocolate, beer and waffles are well known around the globe.


This is certainly a country that you must visit when you visit the old world, that’s something you’ll never regret, their cities have a stunning beauty with many historic and modern places that will provide you unforgettable moments to cherish for a long time.


This country has three language communities; the Flemish Community (Dutch-speaking), the French Community (French-speaking) and the German-speaking community for that reason the government, culture and education depend of this division which, for tourist, means, more to be seen and more variety of things to be seen and enjoyed.


What to see in Belgium

Belgium is much more than awesome chocolat or awarded beer, there are many places to be visited, some of them are:


The Belfry of Bruges, this stunning structure is a must see place, located in the old and famous city of Bruges, the 366 steps of that tower attracts million of tourist encouraged by the hope of a beautiful view when they reach the top.


Grand Place, also known as Grote Markt and dating back the 14th century, it is a huge city square surrounded by amazing and ancient historic buildings.


Mini-Europe and Atomium, Mini-Europe is located at the food of Atomium, the first is a stunning place with beautiful gardens and miniatures of monument of European Union and the second, the Atomium is a representative building that is now a museum.


Graventeen, located in the beautiful and ancient city of Ghent, is a beautiful castle from Middle Age, built on 1180, its name, in Dutch means “Castle of the Count” and you must visit the museum inside.


Saint Bavo Cathedral, located in Ghent, is the most outstanding attraction of this city.


Notre-Dame Cathedral in Tournai, it is a Unesco World Heritage built in 12th century.


Waterloo, the place where Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated, nowadays there is a memorial in that place which is a major tourist attraction


Basilica of the Holy Blood, located in Bruges, was build in the 12th century and it houses a relic of the Holy Blood allegedly collected by Joseph of Arimathea.