Top most religious cities in the world

The human needs to believe in something higher, something or someone who gives meaning to its existence, not only as individuals but as human race. This has led us to create diverse religions, to give meaning to the things we either  don’t understand or know.


Religions has brought peace, hope and comfort to millions, sadly, many cruel and terrible wars have been fought in their name, holy symbols and places have been both, motive for fight or source of peace and devotion. There are many religious places, some of them from ancient times and extinguished religions and other from modern days, cradle of current religions.


Most religious cities in the world


Some places are source of legends and spirituality, being there transports us to older days, and we can’t avoid to feel the atmosphere, breathing the faith and the devotion professed by those who gave a sense of holiness to those places.


Some of those places are:


Mecca; located in Saudi Arabia, is the holiest city in Islam, the largest mosque in the world is in Mecca and inside that mosque there is the holy Kaaba, a sacred cube, every Muslim during their prayers, wherever they are, should face the direction that cube is. It is mandatory for all adult Muslim, to visit this city at least once in their lifetime. It is forbidden by Saudi law to enter Mecca if you aren’t a Muslim.


Lhasa; located in Tibet, the literal meaning of its name is “Place of Gods” and it was residence of Dalai Lamas for many years until 1959, when the 14th Dalai Lama went into exile. This city, before Chinese occupation, had a huge political and religious meaning, and in our days, it still being a major symbol of Buddhism with temples like Jokhang Temple.


Jerusalem; located in Israel, is a city with a enormous religious meaning for the three major religions of today, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, it is the holiest city for Jewish, the third holiest city in Islam and a place or huge importance for Christians, there are many relevant places and temple of this three religions to visit.


Vatican City; it’s a sovereign state in the city of Rome, Italy, where the central administration of Roman Catholic Church and it’s the papal residence. It’s religious significance is beyond any doubt, there several places worth to  be visited, like Sistine Chapel, St Peter Basilica, the Vatican Museum and more.


Varanasi, located in India, is a place of great religious significance for Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, there are many temples to visit and the biggest attraction are the the Ghats along the banks of Ganges river where Hindus perform several religious rituals.


Other cities with remains of past religions are:

Machu Picchu, located in Cusco region, Peru, is a remain of famous Inca civilization


Athens, capital of Greece, there are many temples dedicated to several gods of ancient Greek mythology