Top 3 Must see temples around the globe

We, as human beings, have the need to believe in something, to feed our spiritual life with faith and give sense and light to our doubts and darkness, there have been and there still are many religions and cults that pursue the satisfaction of that need, but no matter in what you believe, those religions and cults gave us many of the most amazing places on earth.


Many legendary artists have gave us the fruit of their inspiration and devotion, like Leonardo Da Vinci or Michelangelo, the Gospel Music is another form of art based in religion, as well as architecture, in this field there are temples around the world testifying the spiritual belief of many people since ancient times.


The top 3


There are many temples considered as stunning works of art around the world, ancient and recent, the devotion of artists have produced incredible wonders worth to be seen, and here are three representative temples that you must enjoy.


Angkor Wat; located in Cambodia its name means “Temple city” or “City of temples” it was built as a temple of hindu god Vishnu, then it was transformed into a buddhist temple on 12th century, it has become a representative symbol of Cambodia and a tourist attraction visited for many people, attracted by its religious nature or because the magnificent architecture and decoration.


Temple of Heaven; located in Beijing China, it is a religious complex dedicated to heaven, where Emperors used to pray for good harvests, it was finished on 1420 by Yongle emperor and it’s one of four temples, the other three are Temple of Sun, Temple of Earth and Temple of Moon. On 1918 the Temple of Heaven was turned into a park and it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.


The Sistine Chapel; it is not as ancient as the other two, but this symbol of catholicism is widely known around the world, it´t the result of the restoration of the “Cappella Magna”, which occurred between the years 1477 and 1480 ordered by Pope Sixtus IV. Currently is the site of Papal Conclave, where the new pope is elected.


The fame of this temple mainly lies in the painting that decorate its interior, artist like Michelangelo and others as Sandro Botticelli, gave a part of their talent and inspiration to contribute to the greatness of this temple.